Windows 10 preview and new features

Windows 10 preview. Its changed.

Microsoft releasing its new windows that is windows 10 and not windows 9 as everybody was expecting to see release of windows 9. Some sources saying that this will be the last major version of windows that has been released by Microsoft and it’s a cross platform windows.

The Windows 10 core will run on PCs, tablets, Windows Phones and even the Xbox at some point in the future. The user interfaces will be tailored for each type of device, but there will be a common core of operating system elements that will work across all these platforms. With Windows 10, Microsoft will be consolidating its various app stores, officials confirmed during a preview event on September 30 in San Francisco.

windows 10 preview

windows 10 preview

The best thing in Windows 10 is that startup menu is back. Its almost the mixture of windows 7 and windows 8. You can have apps as well as windows 8 and startup menu as Windows 7. Some new features have been added as well. Users will be able to snap apps horizontally and vertically with Windows 10. A new task view will help users navigate between Virtual Desktops.


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windows 10 preview

windows 10 preview

Windows 10 no more displays large tiles on the homescreen. Just like older versions of Windows, you can arrange items on your homescreen and add your favourite picture on the background. As in windows 8, Oftehn when you try to open app for example google chrome browser, it opens without title bars. But now there is no such issues in Windows 10 and all apps will open with title bars and minimize and maximze buttons. The good thing is that you can resize the startup menu as well.

There’s a new task-view button on the taskbar for quick switching between open files and quick access to any desktops you create. Similarly you can now create multiple desktops for different purposes and switch between these desktops easily or pick up where you left off on each desktop. Even the Alt+Tab combination now works in Windows 10 for switching between windows.

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