Ugly Duckling Celebs

#1 Megan Fox

Ok, so no one can deny the fact that Megan Fox has had countless amounts of plastic surgery to look the way she does now, but it’s refreshing to see a photo of her before she became famous and to realize that even this Hollywood hottie wasn’t always so glamorous. The granny cardigan, the 90s choker, and that sunburn?! Oh Megan Fox, what were you thinking?

#2 Taylor Swift

One word? Wow. Taylor Swift has admitted to being an ‘ugly duckling’ before she became famous, but she needs to realize that becoming a beautiful swan only comes with age (and makeup, which obviously does wonders!). It’s almost impossible to see the similarities between these two photographs, proving just how extreme the singer’s transformation truly has been.

#3 Mariah Carey

Even someone as sexy as Mariah Carey was once not-so-hot! The picture on the left is Mariah’s school photograph. It’s been quite a while since she donned her natural black hair! This is certainly an “ugly duckling” to gorgeous swan transformation.

#4 Zac Efron

Oh Zac Efron, girls might have thought you were cute from the moment you entered onto the Hollywood scene, but it’s only in hindsight (and from looking at these two photographs) that you realize you’ve truly transitioned into one attractive man! Gone is the not-so-flattering gap between the two front teeth, as well as that unkempt mop of hair, and we couldn’t be more glad!

#5 Victoria Beckham

Not so Posh Spice during adolescence, were you Victoria? These two photographs couldn’t look more different, and it’s a struggle to even pick out one similarity! That 90s hair, the messy fringe and the one strand that didn’t quite make it into the ponytail? Victoria Beckham has certainly made the transition from ugly duckling to stylish swan.

#6 Sarah Jessica Parker

She might be one of Hollywood’s leading ladies (thanks to the success of Sex and the City and the stylish Carrie), but SJP certainly wasn’t always part of the in-crowd. As a teenager, SJP was a little nerdy, and didn’t worry about things like hair and makeup, as she does today. That certainly is one amazing transition into the style-queen that she is now.

#7 Sandra Bullock

She’s everyone’s favourite actress, but Sandra Bullock was once an average girl too! The photograph on the left was taken when she was in high school. It’s amazing what a hair straightener and some brow dye can do! One thing is for certain though – Sandra Bullock always had that amazing smile.

#8 Mariyln Manson

It’s pretty rare to find a photograph of Mariyln Manson prior to his gothic / heavily-applied makeup days, so we cannot help but be shocked at his “before” picture. What a major transformation! From a messy mullet to sleek and shiny hair, this is one “ugly duckling” that blossomed into a more stylish (and strange) swan.


#9 Ryan Seacrest

This might come as a shock to you, but Ryan Seacrest wasn’t always such a stunner! Just look at that photo of him as a youngster! Ryan has admitted to being overweight and bullied whilst growing up, but haters, just look at the star now! This celebrity has definitely made the transition from ugly duckling to swan, and he couldn’t be more proud.

#10 Reese Witherspoon

Don’t get us wrong, Reese Witherspoon was never ‘ugly’, but she definitely still went through the stage of having to grow comfortable with being in her own skin. As a younger actress, Reese found it hard to handle the limelight, and makeup and style weren’t exactly her priorities. If you look at the actress on the red carpet now, you can’t ignore the fact that she absolutely dazzles!

#11 Rashida Jones

If there’s two qualities that sum up teenage awkwardness and feeling like an ugly duckling, then it’s definitely frizzy, unkempt hair and braces. Don’t worry Rashida Jones, you aren’t alone! The difference between the actress’s former self, and the Hollywood beauty that she is today is astounding!

#12 Charlize Theron

We all know the saying, “boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”, but we bet the guys are certainly making passes at the older and more stunning Charlize Theron!

#13 Matthew Lewis

This star might have originally been chosen because his looks suit the nervous and ‘ugly duckling’ character of Neville in the Harry Potter series, but as this duckling grew into a swan, he soon had to be made down to still look the part! That’s right, Matthew Lewis developed into a man during the series, and a handsome one at that!

#14 Lil John

You’d be forgiven for assuming rappers were just born cool, but looking at Lil John’s high school photo, it seems this isn’t the case! We’re so glad those googly-eyed glasses were never worn again once he made his transition from nerdy student to too-cool rapper. Just goes to show you that not all celebrities were part of the popular group at high school!

#15 J.Lo

Apparently Jenny from the Block wasn’t always so hip-shakingly hot! Although cute as a youngster, J.Lo suffered from a case of puberty blues just like the rest of us, and she certainly lacked the confidence she has today. She was apparently self-conscious of her ears and her maturing body. Just take a look at her now!

#16 Ben Affleck

He might be known as one of Hollywood’s hottest A-listers, but Ben Affleck was also once an average-looking guy too! Lets face it – some people just get better with age…We think Ben Affleck still looked pretty cool and confident back before he was famous though.

#17 George Clooney

What, George Clooney wasn’t a stud all of his life?! Judging by the photo of him before he was famous, the Hollywood hottie certainly wasn’t so blessed. From that terrible bowl-haircut (perhaps his mom is to blame), to those geeky glasses, we cannot believe this celeb’s transition! If someone had’ve told him as a youngster he would grow up to make the ‘World’s Hottest List’ multiple times, he probably would’ve thought they were crazy!

#18 Drew Barrymore

From a drug-addicted and awkward youngster, to a blossoming and beautiful woman, Drew Barrymore has certainly made the transition from ‘ugly duckling’ to swan. Once known for her frequent red-carpet misses and bizarre looks, the star now shines in all of the best-dressed lists and isn’t afraid to flash her pearly whites.

#19 Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce might be known now for her bootylicious body, but apparently the singer has confessed to thinking she was an ugly duckling growing up. The star suffered from being so overweight that she says it took her whole family to help her get her jeans on – Yikes! Don’t worry Beyonce, you’re certainly a swan now.

#20 Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne might have come onto the music scene as a Sk8er Girl who’s not afraid to show some attitude, but judging by the photo of her before she became famous, the singer wasn’t always so cool. Seems like she swapped that boring bob and those straight-A glasses for straight bleached hair and some hipster frames!


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