Top Twitter Trends of 2012

It’s been a big year for social media, especially in the Twittersphere. Twitter has changed a lot, some of it for the good and some for the bad; they just introduced photo filters into their official iPhone and Android, but in the same swing, they burned bridges in their relationship with Instagram and limited their third-party support, forcing app developers to up their app prices. Nonetheless, Twitter continues to gain users each day and has been a major form of communication during important events causing amazing trends on their social network. Let’s take a look at these top trends from the past year.

Twitter Trend Top Twitter Trends of 2012

The major conversation starters from 2012 including the top spot of #nowplaying, then #oomf (one of my followers), #blessed, and #quote. The top talked about movies, in order, were Think Like A Man, The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Red Tails, 21 Jump Street, and the Dark Knight Rises; it’s not the movies you would expect to see on this list, especially in that order, but the Twitter users have spoken.

The top tech trends, in order, were at&t, iPhone, instagram, skype, and kindle; this is an interesting mix of topics especially with at&t at the top, but these trends could be a good or bad thing. The at&t trend could’ve been do to the massive complaints of dropped calls or lack of coverage. Apple made it in the top ten trends with iPhone, iPad, and apple, and with Tim Cook’s suggestion of Apple having a lot to offer in the next year, it will be interesting to see how many trending spots they can take up by next December.