Thinnest 1TB Hard Drive

Thinnest 1TB Hard Drive

‘Thin is still very much in.’  That’s why the people behind Western Digital made sure that it’s shipping what is believed to be the thinnest 1TB hard drive in the world.  Dubbed as WD Blue, it measures a mere 7mm and yet boasts of ‘thick features’ ready to surprise even those who are apprehensive of a hard drive’s performance.


The drive uniquely features StableTrack which works by securing the motor shaft found on its two ends.  This results to a reduced vibration and improved tracking.  It also comes packed with dual-stage actuators such as the piezo that delivers fine movement and electromagnetic to enable course displacement.

The SecurePark feature enables the heads to be clear of the disk surface and boosts shock resistance.  It actuallyresembles the prototype of the HDD that was revealed at IDF 2012.  The new 7mm WD Black model that wasannounced at the CES 2013 somehow manages to stay close in features and quality.

The new 1TB model, which is also known as the WD10SPCX, is said to be priced at $139.  It comes with a warranty of two years and is now available to all integrators, OEMs, and consumers alike.  There are rumors that the drive will also be debuting in some laptops or tablets that are launching at the Computex event.

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