Saudi woman divorced over copying Kim Kardashian

A Saudi Arabian woman was divorced by her husband for changing her hairstyle and pursuing plastic surgery in a bid to look like the reality TV star, Kim Kardashian.


The woman said she went for the move noticing that her husband admired the celebrity.

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“I noticed that he admires Kim Kardashian, so I decided to be like her and even more beautiful,” the unidentified woman told the Saudi Arabic-language daily Sada.

Not only did her plan fail, the make over irked her husband so much that he divorced her.

“I changed my hairstyle and visited a plastic surgery clinic. I even tried to walk like Kim Kardashian in the hope my husband would be more attracted to me, but the results were not as I had wished. He said he did not like what I have done and started to argue about what I have done before he decided to divorce me and marry another woman.” the woman lamented.

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