What a BULL? Body Builder :)

Due to genetic selection and experiments, the Belgian Blue is a humongous species of bulls packed with muscles and meat… How big are they? Have a look below.

Free coffee makes me happy

Free coffee makes me happy A little thing can make me so happy, especially when I have a free cup of coffee. I went to one of my favorite coffee shops, Lighthouse Roasters, to grab a coffee this morning. I often go there, but it’s been a few weeks. The barista told me that today is […]

Realistic popeye by lee-romao

Realistic popeye A very nice 3D rendering of Realistic Popeye by Vancouver-based artist Lee Romao who created a more realistic version of the iconic cartoon character. He is manlier, more ripped, and rawer with lots of tattoos (Olive’s portrait on his right shoulder, “Hold Fast” on his knuckles, January 17th 1929 – date of his first appearance- […]