5 cool ways to boost wireless network strength
5 Cool Ways To Boost wireless network strength

1 Move the wireless router to the appropriate location Ensure that your access point or wireless router is situated in a centralized area in your home or apartment so that you wireless signal is able to cover a wider area as possible. If you have positioned your wireless router at the end of the apartment […]

Google Chrome shortcut keys
Google Chrome Shortcut Keys

Hi google chrome users! This post will let you know some short cut keys for google chrome browser so that you can do things quickly. If you want to use shortcuts then read this post and share it with friends. Shortcut Keys Description Alt + Home Open your home page. Backspace or Alt + Left […]

Facebook – Backup photos, videos, and text
Facebook – Backup photos, videos, and text

If you don’t know how to backup your facebook pictures, videos and text then read this post and follow the process to download your videos, pictures and text backup easily. Facebook offers all its users the ability to backup their photos, videos, and text. Check Also: 20 Facebook Tips And Tricks You Should Know Click Account and […]

Beautiful Hand Paintings

Here are some beautifull hand painting art that you will love to see that how hardwork the man has done. Its a unique category of art that is not seen much in the art world.

Cricket Ball- How is it made?

Do you know how cricket ball is made? If no, then watch this video which shows the process of how cricket ball is made. This program was telecasted by Discovery TV.

Funny sports men and women faces While playing.

We often watch different sports and games and we enjoy watching sports but we often miss the funny faces of the sportsman and woman while they are playing. They are just too funny and we cant stop laughing. This post will show you few of the most funny faces of the players and you will […]

Iphone 7 design Leaked- Its Awesome!

This is the fantastic iphone 7 design that has been leaked and will be coming in mid 2015. Just watch it and share it with apple lovers.It differs from other iphone in width, height and its something like note.

Cute cat with eye brows- Lovely Cat

I have seen many cats before but i have sen a cat lovely cat with eye brows for the first time. I am sure no one has seen it before as well and you will love watching cute pics of this cue cat. Check also: Beautiful Animal and birds Hand Paintings

Mac tips and tricks
Mac Tips and Tricks- You must know

There are some mac shortcuts that everyone does not know. So here is a list of some mac shortcuts that you can use for saving your time and quick working. Try it now. The Mac has always had some awesome tricks that not everyone knows. Here are some not so obvious things you can do […]

gadgets that will make your cooking more fun
Gadgets that makes your cooking more fun

This interesting post will show you some gadgets that will make your cooking alot more fun and you will enjoy cooking. Use these gadgets and enjoy cooking and have fun. 1. The Shake, Rattle and Roll ice cream maker Here’s how this ice cream maker works: You put cream, sugar, vanilla and flavoring in one compartment, […]

Apple watch coming in spring 2015
Apple watch coming in spring 2015

When Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Watch in September, he teased an “early 2015″ launch date. But a new statement uncovered on Sunday indicates that we may have to wait a little longer — try spring. The new time window comes via a report from 9to5Mac, which obtained a transcript of an internal Apple video […]

Google Search – Some hidden features

1. Calculator Google’s calculator function is far more powerful than most people realise. As well as doing basic maths (5+6 or 3*2) it can do logarithmic calculations, and it knows constants (like e and pi), as well as functions like Cos and Sin. Google can also translate numbers into binary code – try typing ’12*3 […]

Best ideas to make life easier

These are the pictures to show you some secrets to organize different things and to make things useful. These ideas can make your life easier.

Best Funny Photographers

Best Funny photographers You have often watch funny pictures taken by the photographers but this post shows you the funny pictures of the photographers who are taking pictures in funny poses. Watch it and share it with friends on facebook, twitter and other social networks.   Check More Funny Pictures

funnycommerical everybody-sees-what-they-want-to-see
Funny Commercial-Everybody see What they wanna see

Funny Commercial Whenever any child is born and friends and relatives come to see the new born baby so everyone make his own ideas and matches his face with some relative or with himself. So this video will let you know how everybody see what they actually want to see. This is actually a funny […]

Girls vs Boys- See the difference

Girls vs boys – just see the difference. The follwoing 7 pictures will just show you the difference between the girls and boys. These are the few funny differences but in every field of life, you can see many differences between them. The following pictures show the differences between girls and boys when they go […]