10 unique family Photographs

10 unique family photographs that can give you many more ideas for some unique photographs for your sweat family. Try these ideas and generate more ideas. I like these photographs very much and i thought o share these photographs with all of you people as well. So look at the pictures and enjoy! For Tips […]

Top 10 Most Funny Fan Reactions

Just watch the video to see the amazing and most funny fan reactions ever. Some of them are so much funny that you can’t stop laughing. You will definitly watch it again to see the funny reactions. Share it with friends as well.

linkedin connections
How to double your linkedin Connections?

Sometimes the simplest tactics are forgotten that can make a big difference over time. With the majority of users having less than 500 connections these tips will provide the guidelines to take it beyond the 1,000 barrier. Update your status daily. This could include  posting your latest blog post, sharing an interesting Slideshare presentation or […]

googl chrome vs mozilla firefox
Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox !

Some important points of both browser to know that what features both browsers have and which is popular in developers and which is popular in normal web surfers. Lets start reading below and let’s see who wins a match! Google Chrome vs Mozilla Firefox Google put a lot of work into making Chrome look nice […]

mozilla firefox news
Mozilla’s Default Search Engine is Yahoo!

Mozilla has enjoyed a decade long arrangement with Google whereby the Firefox browser has shipped with Google search as default search engine. In fact, the deal with Google has accounted for a large percentage of Mozilla’s overall revenue during that time. Now, as the current deal with Google nears expiration, Mozilla has decided to change […]

facebook groups app
Facebook groups app coming up

Facebook is coming up with new standalone app for facebook groups. As facebook have other apps for facebook pages and messages, just like that facebook groups app will work. Don’t Miss: Facebook at work: Linkedin Competitor Upon launching an app, your groups list will appear and you can select any of the group and can manage […]

Hacks: You will love these tips

Try these amazing hacks that will help you in your daily life. Share these hacks with your friends and on your timelines so that others can see them as well. Don’t Miss: Make Your Life Easier

How To Fold a Shirt In Under 2 Seconds

How To Fold a Shirt In Under 2 Seconds – DO you know how to fol your shirts quickly in under 2 seconds. Watch the video to learn how you can quickly fold a shirt in under two seconds. Its just amazing to learn this tip.

Facebook at work: linkedin
Facebook at work: Linkedin Competitor

Facebook is working on extending its network beyond the social realm and into the professional world, according to the Financial Times, citing anonymous sources. Now Zuckerberg is looking to tap into people’s work lives, with plans to expand Facebook-like connectivity and sharing into corporations. Ironically, he’ll be following in the footsteps of more corporate-oriented tech […]

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts
Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

In this post, you can learn some facebook keyboard shortcuts. Using these shortcuts you can use facebook features quickly just by pressing a keyboard key. Before going to the keys, you must know about the modifie keys as well. You will have to press a modifier key + key for a facebook features. Modifier Keys: […]

Funny horsemanning illusions
Funny Horsemanning Illusions

Horsemanning is actually an example of everything old becoming new again. While the trend has been exploding across the net, it actually was a big fad in 1920′s photography. The process is pretty basic: arrange two people so one person’s head can’t be seen and the other person’s head is the only part of their […]

Linkedin silly and funny job titles
Linkedin : Silly and funny job titles

Silly linkedin job titles are not so silly to the folks behind them. Why the people posting jobs use such words like ninja,guru, warrior, magician etc etc etc. To see some of the most used silly words are as follows. Read and enjoy! Marketing Ninja Don’t laugh. He’s standing behind you right now ready to […]

Water illusion
Water Flames Illusion

Have you seen water flames illusion befor? They were done by artist using special photo equipment that can take extra sharp pictures of fast-moving objects! If someone finds more simmilar photos be sure to post! Jump inside this post for full set and then you can visit Flickr Category for simmilar artistic illusions Check Also: Beautiful […]

Celluon Virtual Keyboard
Celluon Virtual Keyboard

Can you imagine the scenario where you hit your desk and write at your digital device at the same time? Well, there is a gadget that makes it possible – the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard. It wasn’t long ago that this was just a conceptual gadget, now it is a real device and you can purchase […]

WIndows 7: recover forgotten password
Windows7 : Recover forgotten password

From the good old days of Windows 98, Microsoft had a system of storing the password and login information for all users in a SAM file. This file is further encrypted to make its content unreadable and any access to it is denied. However, that is true as long as Windows is running. Now, let […]