10 Facts about Coca-Cola That Will Blow Your Mind

Coca-Cola is one of the world’s most popular drink companies. Of the world’s 7 billion people, 94% recognize its distinctive red and white logo as the symbol for sweet, cold refreshment. Although PepsiCo generated more revenue than Coca-Cola last year because of the food brands that it owns, it did not touch Coca-Cola in terms […]

Amazing Kinetic Sculptures

Amazing Kinetic Art and Sculptures Kinetic art is really amazing as it combines both engineering and design, simple elements and materials with advanced technology all with the purpose of giving the viewer with delightful visual effects. Let’s have a look at some of the most splendid kinetic sculptures in the world. Enjoy!   1. Kinetic […]

6 Fun Gadgets That Will Make Your Home Look a Lot Cooler

Most USB hubs are boring, this toaster, with matching toast drives, are not. Not only will this gadget make your computer room look a lot cooler, but it also has an SD card reader built-in. Hanging Moon Light You’ve probably seen those luminous stars that you can stick on your ceiling, and this awesome hanging […]

Top 10 iPad Mini Cases

10. iFrogz Breeze Case This is a simplistic, light plastic case from iFrogz, of which the hole-filled backing serves for form and function. It has a tension control fit and made of impact resistant TPU, and choice of aqua, hot pink, and slate will make sure you get the most fashionable choice for your new […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Host your Files on the Clouds

Imagine this: You are at work and your boss asks for a copy of your latest project. You look on your laptop to send him a copy to discover it is on the flash drive sitting on your desk at home. In the past, this would have meant a long drive home and an irritated […]

Portraits Made Using People as Pixels

American artist Craig Alan creates unique portraits of pop-culture icons using people as pixels. Some of his famous pieces include Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy and the Statue of Liberty, Elvis, but probably the most incredible one is the portrait of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

Wonderful 3D Pencil Drawing

Props go to Marcus for discovering and sharing this wonderful 3d pencil drawing created by reddit userfnord-prefect. Totally realistic if you ask me, it almost lures you to try and look under the table to see the rest of the greek columns bursting out from the paper grid. I totally love this one. How about you?

How to Use a Song as Alarm Tone in iPhone and iPad

The soul purpose of an alarm clock is to wake us up from sleep but it fails a few times. Taking into consideration only the mobile phone alarms, one of the main reasons they fail is the alarm clock tone. According to studies, the alarm clock tone should not be slow and soothing like an opera but […]

How to Enable Parental Control on iPhone, iPad and iPhones

Now a days, as soon as a kid passes the toddler stage, he or she needs a smartphone or smart devices  mostly to play games and listen to music. You might think I am exaggerating, but I have seen a 13 year old kid showing tantrums to his father to buy him an iPhone so that […]

6 Shortcuts in Samsung Galaxy S3 You May Not Know

Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most in demand smartphone  this year. Some users claimed that using a Samsung Galaxy S3 can be confusing at times. However, Samsung embedded some shortcuts in the device. Samsung Mobile The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of Samsung’s premiere smartphones that you can now get after a rebate for your current smartphone. […]

Adjusting Speed Optical Illusion

Either once again I failed to explain the difference between simple animated gifs and cinemagraphs, or I really stink at choosing illusions for you Shame you didn’t love our previous post as much as I did, but heck – there is no purpose for me to push something you really don’t like. I hope today’s animation will be perceived better, as it […]

Pouring Water Optical Illusion

In years of doing this what I do, I have come across various optical illusion patterns whose effect often can’t easily be explained. Still, them patterns provide very intensive results, most often having something to do with illusory movement of some sort. I have also learned how various patterns can cause nausea andmake you feel quite uneasy. Just look at […]

Mutually Interfering Shapes Illusion

  Today’s optical illusion animation is called “The Mutually Interfering Shapes” and was originally created by Maarten Wijntjes, Robert Volcic and Tomas Knapen in 2008 for Illusion of The Year contest hosted by the Vision Sciences Society. This is how authors themselves described the effect: “A circle’s a circle and a square’s a square, right? Wrong! Just look at the center […]

Amazing Creative Motion Graphics

These motion graphics are the work of illustrator Dain Fagerholm. The Seattle-based artist refers to his pieces as drawings stereographic animation. The stereo images are more commonly recognized as two parallel images fixed, varying only slightly angled and designed to be seen so that the mind combines the two to create a 3D image. Similarly,the angular multi ilutsraciones Fagerholm […]