Thinnest 1TB Hard Drive

Thinnest 1TB Hard Drive ‘Thin is still very much in.’  That’s why the people behind Western Digital made sure that it’s shipping what is believed to be the thinnest 1TB hard drive in the world.  Dubbed as WD Blue, it measures a mere 7mm and yet boasts of ‘thick features’ ready to surprise even those who are […]
Hong Yi Food Art Raises Awareness and Creativity To Netizens

Hong Yi Food Art Raises Awareness and Creativity To Netizens When you speak about food art, probably the first thing that will pop out from your head is that big statue made from chocolate or an enormous food banquet arranged accordingly to form a mosaic of a popular figure. Well, size isn’t everything and for Hong Yi (nickname Red), […]
Distorted Scotch Tape Portraits, Funny Pictures…

  Like our facebook page: One year ago, a New Mexico-based photographer Wes Naman was wrapping Christmas gifts with his assistant and started goofing around with the scotch tape. The artist immediately had an idea that after a year developed into the “Scotch Tape” portrait series, where volunteers put the tape around their faces […]

People Who Have The Absolute Right Idea
People Who Have The Absolute Right Idea

The human brain is a very powerful thing. If a little effort and will also get a smart and useful thing. I admire these people and their ideas. It’s easier, is it not? Interesting ideas to them, you have to admit.

Umi Hotaru (Japan)   Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line is one of the express-ways which connect Kawasaki, Kanagawa and Kisarazu, Chiba. It is the crossing bay highway made by the underwater tunnel and the bridge. The Aqua-Tunnel is 9.6 km and starts in Kawasaki. At the connection of the tunnel and the bridge, there is a huge artificial island called […]

One day while completing an oil painting of a field artist Iris Scott needed to make a few quick adjustments to some yellow flowers but every brush at her disposal was stained a deep dark blue. Not wanting to stop and wash the brushes she decided to make a few quick touchups with her fingers, […]
Female beauty standards around the world

These photos taken by Mike Mike (?) for the “Face of Tomorrow” project, are actually composite images of the inhabitants of each country, taken to illustrate how globalisation has affected the way we look. A number of individual pictures are taken, and then blended together into one “average” face.