Linkedin : Silly and funny job titles

Linkedin silly and funny job titles

Silly linkedin job titles are not so silly to the folks behind them. Why the people posting jobs use such words like ninja,guru, warrior, magician etc etc etc. To see some of the most used silly words are as follows. Read and enjoy!

Marketing Ninja
Don’t laugh. He’s standing behind you right now ready to pounce with his nunchucks.

Brand Warrior
Okay, I admit I’d be a little intimidated knowing that I was going to have to interview with that lady for a job.

Senior Road Warrior Marketing Intern
I guess it sounds a lot better than “unpaid intern.”

The Social Media Badass
These social folks can slap on anything to “social media” and make it a title. (Other titles I came across were Social Media Genie, Social Media Rockstar, Social Media DJ — even Social Media Vixen! Ooh la la!)

Digital Marketing Magician
There’s nothing up his sleeve — especially not positive ROI.

Wizard of Light Bulb Moments
How many HR directors does it take to fire a “Wizard of Light Bulb Moments”?

Chief Marketing Guru
Personally, I think the “guru” card has been played out. It’s just not creative enough for someone who has reached spiritual enlightenment.

Chief Thinker
Not a lot of thought put into that one. Maybe they’re trying to demonstrate that they spend more time thinking about their client’s business and less about their title?

Founder, Chief Creative, Inspiration, and Elation Officer
OK, we get it — you’re important. But honestly, it sounds like someone needs a hug.

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