Hilarious Mr Bean in Historical Paintings

Caricature artist Rodney Pike has done it again with his famous funny art . this time the victim is Rowan Atkinson also known as simply Mr Bean . In the 14 images below you can see Mr bean illustrated in famous paintings and doing a fine job at it, some might say he looks better than the original painting . what do you think ?
mr bean mr-bean-historic-portraits-4 mr-bean-historic-portraits-5 mr-bean-historic-portraits-6 mr-bean-historic-portraits-7 mr-bean-historic-portraits-8 mr-bean-historic-portraits-9 mr-bean-historic-portraits-10 mr-bean-historic-portraits-11 mr-bean-historic-portraits-12 mr-bean-historic-portraits-13 mr-bean-historic-portraits-14 mr-bean-historic-portraits-15 mr-bean-historic-portraits-21

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