Guess The Person ? Who is he ?

Guess The Person ?

Who am I?He is an Indian film actor, producer and director. Has been in the Bollywood industry since the early 1980′s and he just came out with a sequel to one of his movies recently.  He studied theatre and acting in Birmingham in the Old World Theatre.

He has always maintained a low profile in the media about his personal life. He got married at an early age and his wife has never faced the media till date like other celebrity wives. While he is mostly associated with action-packed films and also with an aggressive image, he’s very shy and a soft-spoken off screen.

He trained himself in the Sylvester Stallone gym to tone his perfect physique. Not many know about his two ‘real’ sisters who are not in the Bollywood industry. One of his films was in such demand that they had to arrange special shows from 6am.

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