Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

In this post, you can learn some facebook keyboard shortcuts. Using these shortcuts you can use facebook features quickly just by pressing a keyboard key. Before going to the keys, you must know about the modifie keys as well. You will have to press a modifier key + key for a facebook features.

Modifier Keys:

Alt = Chrome & IE

Alt+Shift = Firefox

Function+Ctrl = Firefox on OSX

Option+Ctrl = OSX & Other

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Now following are the facebook keyboard shortcuts.

M (Open a new message)
? (Go to the Facebook Search)
1 (Home (News Feed)
2 (Your profile page)
3 (Friend requests)
4 (Messages)
5 (Notifications)
6 (Your Account Settings)
7 (Your Privacy Settings)
8 (Go to the Facebook page)
9 (View Facebook Statements and Rights agreement)
0 (Open Facebook help center)

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