Facebook groups app coming up

facebook groups app

Facebook is coming up with new standalone app for facebook groups. As facebook have other apps for facebook pages and messages, just like that facebook groups app will work.

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Upon launching an app, your groups list will appear and you can select any of the group and can manage it easily. The group with most visits and posts will appear on top. This app will also show you some suggestions to join new groups under ‘Discovery’ tab.

“No one is really doing this out there. We think what we offer is unique”, says the Groups app’s project manager Shirley Sun.

Philosophically, the standalone app doesn’t change what Groups is about. It just makes it cleaner, quicker to access, and more mobile-friendly. Once you sign-in with Facebook, all your existing Groups will be laid visually in two-wide grid as little circles displaying their titles, cover photos, and notification badges.

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