Download Torrents Directly Fastly

Torrents are the most common ways to download movies, softwares, games, etc. But to download torrents is a headache as many torrents are having few seeds or may be the peers are less to you ultimately get low speed while downloading it. Many of you would have searched for finding the “Fastest way to download Torrents Directly” but you may not have found the ultimate solution to download the torrent easiest and fastest way.

Though you may try my old trick Speedup Torrent Download but my new trick is good for those with good internet speed. This tutorial will help you in downloading torrent quickest way, without downloading any software or crap ware  which is recommended by many to speedup torrent download.

So this tutorial will help you in Fastest way to download Torrent Directly.

Required Things to download torrent directly

  • Torrent File or Direct Link to Torrent
  • Signup With for future downloading of Torrent Files

After downloading the torrent file of the torrent you want to download click on upload torrent as shown below and press go.

Select Free or Premium service as you like to go for.

and then you will be able to see as shown in screenshot below

That’s it and now you can download your torrent as a Zip file as shown

By clicking on Zip file you will you be able to download the file directly. Make sure you have a good internet speed so that you can download the file fast as this does not support resume of download.

Hope you like this Tutorial. and this will definitely benefit you and will solve your problem of slow torrents. Don’t forget to share this trick on Facebook or google plus with your friends and share your views in the comment below.

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