Distorted Scotch Tape Portraits, Funny Pictures…


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One year ago, a New Mexico-based photographer Wes Naman was wrapping Christmas gifts with his assistant and started goofing around with the scotch tape. The artist immediately had an idea that after a year developed into the “Scotch Tape” portrait series, where volunteers put the tape around their faces to create terrifying and just absolutely hilarious expressions. Noses and lips get bent, and Wes also likes to stretch people’s eyebrows to make the eyes pop out – the final results are so bizarre that hardly any retouching is needed!

Working as a commercial photographer by day, Wes says that such side projects help him keep photography interesting. “What I’m ultimately aiming for with my work is to create a catalyst to help people see the world a little differently,” he says. It’s also nice to see how projects that start off so accidentally, eventually take on a life of their own: Wes has already received offers from a local ad agency to use these portraits for plastic surgery centers’ or office supply stores’ ad campaigns.



Distorted Scotch Tape Portraits

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