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A Breathing Earth

I found very interesting gifs created by John Nelson, a programmer at IDV Solutions Company, took pictures from NASA Visible Earth project, he collected 12 photos of our planet Earth taken at different time of the year, and made a Gif resulting in a short but fascinating animation which looking like “A Breathing Earth”. Project details can be […]

Top 5 Unexplained Mysteries of the Stars

5. The Planet That Should Have Been Swallowed Wasp 18 is 330 light years away in the Phoenix constellation, and about 25% more massive than our sun. This is another entry where not the star itself, but what orbits it, is the real mystery. In 2009, Coel Hellier of Keele University discovered that Wasb – […]
Real Earth-Like Planets Discovered by Researchers

Real Earth-Like Planets Discovered by Researchers Some scientific theories speculate that Earth analogs may have existed in our Solar System in the past. In the future, technology may be used by humans to artificially produce an Earth analog. In theory, terraforming, virtual reality or simulated reality could potentially create such a world. Multiverse theory suggests […]
They are going on Mars in near Future… WOW

They are going on Mars in near Future… WOW NASA has been conducting an extensive search for its new batch of aspiring astronauts for a year and a half now. Finally, the agency has revealed the eight lucky candidates who were successfully chosen among the staggering 6,100 applicants for the position. The 2013 new astronaut interns […]

Gliding flight for SpaceShipTwo
Pretty pictures: Gliding flight for SpaceShipTwo

Emily Lakdawalla Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo released SpaceShipTwo just after she is released from WhiteKnightTwo for another successful test flight. This was her 24th glide flight and the 6th in-flight test of her patented feathered re-entry system. The flight also successfully verified SS2’s nitrous loading and venting system, another key milestone on the way to her […]