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Photos of Ocean Waves

Stunning photographs of waves from two talented young photographers Nick Selway and CJ Kale from Hawaii. The  boys live and do a Fine Art Photography business in downtown Kona called “Lava Light Galleries” where they sells these Fine Art prints in Hawaii. They just love to photograph the beauty of nature and love for the […]

Films before and after applying effects
Films before and after applying effects

It is now working as a factory of dreams. Along with special effects can now be removed blockbuster right in their backyard. look at the footage from the films before and after the imposition of graphic effects.                            

Gliding flight for SpaceShipTwo
Pretty pictures: Gliding flight for SpaceShipTwo

Emily Lakdawalla Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo released SpaceShipTwo just after she is released from WhiteKnightTwo for another successful test flight. This was her 24th glide flight and the 6th in-flight test of her patented feathered re-entry system. The flight also successfully verified SS2’s nitrous loading and venting system, another key milestone on the way to her […]