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The Best Nature Photo Entries To The 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest

National Geographic’s annual Photo Contest is under way, which means it’s once again time to see some of the best travel photos that both amateur and professional photographers around the world have to offer. The contest, which will wrap up at the end of the month, takes submissions in three simple categories – People, Places […]

Top 5 Unexplained Mysteries of the Stars

5. The Planet That Should Have Been Swallowed Wasp 18 is 330 light years away in the Phoenix constellation, and about 25% more massive than our sun. This is another entry where not the star itself, but what orbits it, is the real mystery. In 2009, Coel Hellier of Keele University discovered that Wasb – […]
Real Earth-Like Planets Discovered by Researchers

Real Earth-Like Planets Discovered by Researchers Some scientific theories speculate that Earth analogs may have existed in our Solar System in the past. In the future, technology may be used by humans to artificially produce an Earth analog. In theory, terraforming, virtual reality or simulated reality could potentially create such a world. Multiverse theory suggests […]
Female beauty standards around the world

These photos taken by Mike Mike (?) for the “Face of Tomorrow” project, are actually composite images of the inhabitants of each country, taken to illustrate how globalisation has affected the way we look. A number of individual pictures are taken, and then blended together into one “average” face.
The highest mountain in the Solar System

The highest mountain in the Solar System Olympus (Latin Olympus Mons) – an extinct volcano on Mars, the highest mountain in the solar system. Before the flight spacecraft (which showed that Olympus – mountain) this place was known to astronomers as Nix Olympica. The height of Mount Olympus – 27 km to the base, and […]