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Female beauty standards around the world

These photos taken by Mike Mike (?) for the “Face of Tomorrow” project, are actually composite images of the inhabitants of each country, taken to illustrate how globalisation has affected the way we look. A number of individual pictures are taken, and then blended together into one “average” face.
Guess who the father of the 15-year-old girl?

Try to guess whose daughter is this girl. The answer, as always, in the continuation of the post, and he definitely will surprise you. Look. This girl named Paris Jackson, she is now 15 years old and she is the daughter of Michael Jackson.
Interesting eccentric furniture

The unique studio Straight Line Designs proizodit the strangest furniture in the world. Designer Judson Beaumont (Judson Beaumont) and eight members of his studio work only on individual orders, giving priority to the originality and uniqueness of each individual piece of furniture. Grassroots and uniformity – the worst enemies of inspiration. These designers are guided by […]