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jokes ..very funny gifs You will laugh and just laugh

  20. The poor weightlifter who just wanted to be big and strong. 19. This poor mom just taking in the sunset. 18. The poor scientist who just wanted to get some lab work done. 17. The poor kid who just wanted to enjoy the serenity of the forest. 16. The poor cat who was framed. 15. The poor kid who […]

Jokes … lol

Funny Jokes…Just Read & Laugh…lollllllllllll   Text Jokes A man went into a fish shop and said ” Can I have some cod please? The shop owner replied, ” We dont have any cod ” So the man said ok then asked, ” Can I have some cod? The chippy owner told him again […]

Funny Jokes…Just Read & Laugh…lollllllllllll

Jokes… Smile and let others smile Like our Facebook page: Two lawyers were out hunting when they came upon a couple of tracks. After close examination, the first lawyer declared them to be deer tracks. The second lawyer disagreed, insisting they must be elk tracks.They were still arguing when the train hit them. Doctor […]

Smiling, just smiling… Funny Smiling :)

Do you like smiling? View Our Facebook Page: I don’t know why these people are smiling… Do you understand it or not? I think they were getting bored and they started smiling by just smiling. Everyone loves the quote “laughter is the best medicine,” and as a nurse, I have experienced the benefits of smiling and […]

Famous Websites at Launching Times…

.. When you connect PC to internet, definitely you’ll go any of below mentioned websites. Google Facebook YouTube Yahoo Wikipedia Twitter… True or not? So today’s article is about your favorite websites. Let’s have a small look o n famous websites, how looked when they were first launched.

Coca Cola Reveals ,The World’s Thinnest Vending Machine

Coca Cola collaborated with Ogilvy & Mather of Paris to bring forth the sexy vending machine. the company advertises the Slender Vender on YouTube with the phrase: “Diet Coke fits beautifully into one’s lifestyle — and so does its Slender Vender“. The ad is a tangible statement that targets the psychological perception of consumers. The […]

Indian Actresses in the real life… Hahahaha

Almost every Bollywood lover have seen our previous post Bollywood without makeup which posted several months ago. That post exposed the reality of Bollywood glam. Bollywood came to realize that these mouth-watering beauties are not that much attractive as they think these were. Now, we have come with another bombshell post. Here we have collected […]