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Funny India- Most funny pictures

Enjoy the most funny pictures from india that will make you laugh and will bring tears into your eyes. Some pics are too much funny that you can’t stop laughing. Enjoy and share these pics with others.

What is the gender of your computer? Check Now – lol

This is something very much funny and interesting post. Do you know that your computer has a gender. You can check your computer’s gender by following the simple steps below and it will let you know your computer’s gender. Try it and share them with your friends. Boot your computer. Open Notepad Paste the code […]

Are your dying? Check the 10 signs…

Watch this funny and awesome video that tells you the 10 signs that  had been used by the old generations to predict their death. Different signs from different generations and from different countries that were become the part of everybody’s thinking and they used to predict their death but GOD knows how much their preditions […]

Top 10 Most Funny Fan Reactions

Just watch the video to see the amazing and most funny fan reactions ever. Some of them are so much funny that you can’t stop laughing. You will definitly watch it again to see the funny reactions. Share it with friends as well.

Hacks: You will love these tips

Try these amazing hacks that will help you in your daily life. Share these hacks with your friends and on your timelines so that others can see them as well. Don’t Miss: Make Your Life Easier

Funny horsemanning illusions
Funny Horsemanning Illusions

Horsemanning is actually an example of everything old becoming new again. While the trend has been exploding across the net, it actually was a big fad in 1920′s photography. The process is pretty basic: arrange two people so one person’s head can’t be seen and the other person’s head is the only part of their […]

Linkedin silly and funny job titles
Linkedin : Silly and funny job titles

Silly linkedin job titles are not so silly to the folks behind them. Why the people posting jobs use such words like ninja,guru, warrior, magician etc etc etc. To see some of the most used silly words are as follows. Read and enjoy! Marketing Ninja Don’t laugh. He’s standing behind you right now ready to […]

Funny sports men and women faces While playing.

We often watch different sports and games and we enjoy watching sports but we often miss the funny faces of the sportsman and woman while they are playing. They are just too funny and we cant stop laughing. This post will show you few of the most funny faces of the players and you will […]

Iphone 7 design Leaked- Its Awesome!

This is the fantastic iphone 7 design that has been leaked and will be coming in mid 2015. Just watch it and share it with apple lovers.It differs from other iphone in width, height and its something like note.

Cute cat with eye brows- Lovely Cat

I have seen many cats before but i have sen a cat lovely cat with eye brows for the first time. I am sure no one has seen it before as well and you will love watching cute pics of this cue cat. Check also: Beautiful Animal and birds Hand Paintings

Best Funny Photographers

Best Funny photographers You have often watch funny pictures taken by the photographers but this post shows you the funny pictures of the photographers who are taking pictures in funny poses. Watch it and share it with friends on facebook, twitter and other social networks.   Check More Funny Pictures

funnycommerical everybody-sees-what-they-want-to-see
Funny Commercial-Everybody see What they wanna see

Funny Commercial Whenever any child is born and friends and relatives come to see the new born baby so everyone make his own ideas and matches his face with some relative or with himself. So this video will let you know how everybody see what they actually want to see. This is actually a funny […]

Girls vs Boys- See the difference

Girls vs boys – just see the difference. The follwoing 7 pictures will just show you the difference between the girls and boys. These are the few funny differences but in every field of life, you can see many differences between them. The following pictures show the differences between girls and boys when they go […]