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gadgets that will make your cooking more fun
Gadgets that makes your cooking more fun

This interesting post will show you some gadgets that will make your cooking alot more fun and you will enjoy cooking. Use these gadgets and enjoy cooking and have fun. 1. The Shake, Rattle and Roll ice cream maker Here’s how this ice cream maker works: You put cream, sugar, vanilla and flavoring in one compartment, […]
What a BULL? Body Builder :)

Due to genetic selection and experiments, the Belgian Blue is a humongous species of bulls packed with muscles and meat… How big are they? Have a look below.
Free coffee makes me happy

Free coffee makes me happy A little thing can make me so happy, especially when I have a free cup of coffee. I went to one of my favorite coffee shops, Lighthouse Roasters, to grab a coffee this morning. I often go there, but it’s been a few weeks. The barista told me that today is […]

Coca Cola Reveals ,The World’s Thinnest Vending Machine

Coca Cola collaborated with Ogilvy & Mather of Paris to bring forth the sexy vending machine. the company advertises the Slender Vender on YouTube with the phrase: “Diet Coke fits beautifully into one’s lifestyle — and so does its Slender Vender“. The ad is a tangible statement that targets the psychological perception of consumers. The […]
Coffee shop noise is good for your creativity?

I usually go to coffee shops when I want to get my study/work done because I feel like I can focus more there. Some people need a quiet place to work, but it looks like a moderate level of noise, like coffee shop noise, can make you more creative according to a study. Here is the […]