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Ugly Duckling Celebs

#1 Megan Fox Ok, so no one can deny the fact that Megan Fox has had countless amounts of plastic surgery to look the way she does now, but it’s refreshing to see a photo of her before she became famous and to realize that even this Hollywood hottie wasn’t always so glamorous. The granny cardigan, […]

Cats exactly same like some Famous People

Following are some pictures in which you can see some cats that are exactly like some of the famous personalities and it looks just awesome. You will watch these pictures again and again. Share these pictures with your friends and Enjoy!

funny quotes
Funny quotes from Historical famous personalities

Being sarcastic is nothing new , throughout history there are plenty of cases where sarcasm was the word and ever the most influential people were using it on occasion , here are 22 famous funny quotes from people you might heard of 1 : Robert Benchley – a newspaper columnist and actor 2 : Winston Churchill – […]

Technological Predictions-That-Couldnt-Have-Been-More-Wrong-2
Technology predictions that went wrong

Technological Predictions That Were Completely Wrong Mankind has made technological predictions that were completely wrong. From Bill Gates to The New York Times, there have been some bold statements about humankind’s advancement. Take a look at these 22 assumptions about technology that were, at the time, completely reasonable.

Hilarious Mr Bean in Historical Paintings

Caricature artist Rodney Pike has done it again with his famous funny art . this time the victim is Rowan Atkinson also known as simply Mr Bean . In the 14 images below you can see Mr bean illustrated in famous paintings and doing a fine job at it, some might say he looks better […]

Celebrities as Funny Celebirdies

Following are some photoshopped pictures in which celebrities are shown as celebirdies and they just look amazing and so funny. You will love to watch these pictures and share them with friends and others. Enjoy! 1 : AlbatRoss   2 : Blue Jay Leno 3 : Charlize Heron 4 : Dan Quail 5 : Donald Plover 6 : Ethan Hawk 7 : Russell Crow […]

Funny and Creepy Celebrity Photographs without teeths

For some reason these photos of celebrities smiling have been photoshoped and their teeth have been removed. The results are both funny, but also slightly creepy… 1. Beyoncé 2. Miley Cyrus 3. Justin Timberlake 4. Amy Poehler 5. Kim Kardashian 6. George Clooney 7. Zac Efron 8. Barack Obama 9. Sofia Vergara 10. Drake 11. […]

12 Celebs Look Just Like Their Famous Parents

12 Celebs Look Just Like Their Famous Parents Follow our posts on Facebook page Watch this video and see how these 12 Celebs Look Just Like Their Famous Parents. You will love watching this video. Share it! 12 Celebs Who Look Just Like Their Famous Parents Famous Female Celebrities with Beards. Check it out!

Saudi woman divorced over copying Kim Kardashian

A Saudi Arabian woman was divorced by her husband for changing her hairstyle and pursuing plastic surgery in a bid to look like the reality TV star, Kim Kardashian. The woman said she went for the move noticing that her husband admired the celebrity. SEE ALSO: Woman gets tattoos of all her Facebook friends “I noticed that he admires Kim Kardashian, […]

funny celebrity sculptures
Funny Celebrity Sculptures

Jack Nicholson From Shawshank with love Hugh Laurie with a new diagnosis Mamma mia it’s Meryl! Die Hard on guard This is a caricature of the hypnotic Christopher Jack walks in his pajamas Nicolas in doubt: to beat or not to beat Want to fight with Ali? The devil’s advocate Sly is still in good […]

Realistic popeye by lee-romao

Realistic popeye A very nice 3D rendering of Realistic Popeye by Vancouver-based artist Lee Romao who created a more realistic version of the iconic cartoon character. He is manlier, more ripped, and rawer with lots of tattoos (Olive’s portrait on his right shoulder, “Hold Fast” on his knuckles, January 17th 1929 – date of his first appearance- […]

Ariana Grande finds own 'Way' to No. 1
Ariana Grande finds own ‘Way’ to No. 1

Ariana Grande finds own ‘Way’ to No. 1 Check Also: Michael Jackson death trial nears end after five months (CNN) — Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande has proven she knows “The Way” to No. 1. The 20-year-old actress and singer, already famous for Nick’s “Victorious” and now “Sam & Cat,” has spread her wings beyond kids TV […]

Michael Jackson death trial nears end after five months
Michael Jackson death trial nears end after five months

Michael Jackson death trial nears end after five months Check this out: 2013 Emmy Awards: Who’s nominated Los Angeles (CNN) — AEG Live lawyers rested their defense case in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial, setting the scene for closing arguments to be delivered in a Los Angeles courtroom starting Monday. “We’re in the 9th inning,” […]