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Kids of the past vs Kids of the Digital Age

The infographic created by the hosting company Hostgator  is giving us detail with exact figures and changing habits of Kids of past and current generation, This infographic show us a real picture of the GEN NEXT  in the terms of How Smart they Really are?

A Breathing Earth

I found very interesting gifs created by John Nelson, a programmer at IDV Solutions Company, took pictures from NASA Visible Earth project, he collected 12 photos of our planet Earth taken at different time of the year, and made a Gif resulting in a short but fascinating animation which looking like “A Breathing Earth”. Project details can be […]

Best needle and Thread Textile art

When she travels the world, Teresa Lim captures snapshots of her surroundings with needle and thread. In her series Sew Wanderlust, the artist embroiders surprisingly detailed canvases of places she visits on-site. This method of preserving memories lets her truly take in her surroundings. Lim must spend time sitting in one place, observing details and stitching […]

Everyday Objects Into Awesome Creatures

Following are some awesome design examples in which a designer has awesomly created amazing creatures from the daily objects. You can try something like this as well and impress your friends and others. Enjoy! Takeoff in the Morning Note Ship Hairdonut Electriphant Good Morning Healthy M Music to My Ears Sock Panda Octopus Banana Washnado […]

Cats exactly same like some Famous People

Following are some pictures in which you can see some cats that are exactly like some of the famous personalities and it looks just awesome. You will watch these pictures again and again. Share these pictures with your friends and Enjoy!

Awesome Selfies Photography and Tips

A very interesting tale found on One Big Photo Site , will prove that your selfies are so boring, check it out:  You are not taking selfies inside heavier-than-air aircraft above fields of Czech Republic. You are not taking selfies with your friends on top of Hong Kong’s skyscraper roof. You are not taking selfies […]

Some Creative and Amazing Cakes

Following are some amazing and creative cakes that are too much amazing to eat but many will not like to eat them as they are so beautifully created that it looks real. Cakes are in the shapes of earth, globes, creative wedding cakes, basket designs, shirts and many more. So view these pictures and enjoy […]

places names
Wrongly pronounced Places Names

Following are some pictures which wil show you that how to correctly pronounce places names that may has been mispronounced. Try it and learn correct places names and impress your friends.

Hilarious Mr Bean in Historical Paintings

Caricature artist Rodney Pike has done it again with his famous funny art . this time the victim is Rowan Atkinson also known as simply Mr Bean . In the 14 images below you can see Mr bean illustrated in famous paintings and doing a fine job at it, some might say he looks better […]

Celebrities as Funny Celebirdies

Following are some photoshopped pictures in which celebrities are shown as celebirdies and they just look amazing and so funny. You will love to watch these pictures and share them with friends and others. Enjoy! 1 : AlbatRoss   2 : Blue Jay Leno 3 : Charlize Heron 4 : Dan Quail 5 : Donald Plover 6 : Ethan Hawk 7 : Russell Crow […]

Funny and Creepy Celebrity Photographs without teeths

For some reason these photos of celebrities smiling have been photoshoped and their teeth have been removed. The results are both funny, but also slightly creepy… 1. Beyoncé 2. Miley Cyrus 3. Justin Timberlake 4. Amy Poehler 5. Kim Kardashian 6. George Clooney 7. Zac Efron 8. Barack Obama 9. Sofia Vergara 10. Drake 11. […]

How To Fold a Shirt In Under 2 Seconds

How To Fold a Shirt In Under 2 Seconds – DO you know how to fol your shirts quickly in under 2 seconds. Watch the video to learn how you can quickly fold a shirt in under two seconds. Its just amazing to learn this tip.

Funny horsemanning illusions
Funny Horsemanning Illusions

Horsemanning is actually an example of everything old becoming new again. While the trend has been exploding across the net, it actually was a big fad in 1920′s photography. The process is pretty basic: arrange two people so one person’s head can’t be seen and the other person’s head is the only part of their […]

Water illusion
Water Flames Illusion

Have you seen water flames illusion befor? They were done by artist using special photo equipment that can take extra sharp pictures of fast-moving objects! If someone finds more simmilar photos be sure to post! Jump inside this post for full set and then you can visit Flickr Category for simmilar artistic illusions Check Also: Beautiful […]

Beautiful Hand Paintings

Here are some beautifull hand painting art that you will love to see that how hardwork the man has done. Its a unique category of art that is not seen much in the art world.

gadgets that will make your cooking more fun
Gadgets that makes your cooking more fun

This interesting post will show you some gadgets that will make your cooking alot more fun and you will enjoy cooking. Use these gadgets and enjoy cooking and have fun. 1. The Shake, Rattle and Roll ice cream maker Here’s how this ice cream maker works: You put cream, sugar, vanilla and flavoring in one compartment, […]