Awesome Selfies Photography and Tips

A very interesting tale found on One Big Photo Site , will prove that your selfies are so boring, check it out:  You are not taking selfies inside heavier-than-air aircraft above fields of Czech Republic. You are not taking selfies with your friends on top of Hong Kong’s skyscraper roof. You are not taking selfies while swimming with giant whale. You are not taking selfies with drone on top of the Alps mountains in Switzerland. You are not taking selfies while skydiving with your friends from hot air balloon in Halloween costumes. You are not taking selfies at the top of Christ the Redeemer statue, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. You are not taking selfies while piloting F-16 aircraft. You are not taking most awesome selfies like Japanese astronaut in space Aki Hoshide.

a-selfie-from-heavier-than-air-aircraft cats-self-portrait crazy-selfie-taken-on-hong-kongs-skyscraper-roof curiosity-rover-takes-a-selfie-at-planet-mars F-16-pilot-takes-selfie girl-taking-a-photo-of-herself-at-a-concert halloween-skydiving-selfie japanese-astronaut-self-portrait mount-javornik-slovenia-winter-photography-marko-korosec-4-100x65 native-brazilian-selfie selfie-at-the-top-of-christ-the-redeemer-statue-rio-de-janeiro selfie-from-a-drone-at-alpes-top-switzerland selfie-with-a-giant-whale


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