Australian Man Woke Up From Coma and Start Speaking Fluent CHINESE

Aussie manBen Mcmohan has a close encounter with death when he met with a car accident in which he was seriously injured and comes into a position of a coma for a week. The doctors of this 22 year old gets surprised when he woke up and start speaking Mandarin, but he was not able to speak English. It comes as a shock for all those who do not believe in mythologies.

Ben McmohanThe guy had learned the language mandarin in school, but he was not in a state of speaking fluent Mandarin. After coming out of the coma, it takes about three days to recall how to speak English. The big surprise came when he was selected as a host for a Chinese TV game show and the further this guy who was from Melbourne moved to Shanghai to study commerce.

speaking MANDARIN - chineseThis incident changed his whole life and his family members still did not believe this. Now he is enjoying his life in Shanghai and his dreams comes true as he is now a host of the famous Chinese show. The mystery, that how he recovers from the state of coma and able to speak, Mandarin, is still the hottest topic for all the doctors and researchers all over the world. According to doctors they are not in a position to understand this transformation.

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