7 Reasons Why You Should Host your Files on the Clouds

Imagine this: You are at work and your boss asks for a copy of your latest project. You look on your laptop to send him a copy to discover it is on the flash drive sitting on your desk at home. In the past, this would have meant a long drive home and an irritated boss but today, you have the option of storing your files on the internet or in the clouds. Cloud technology gives us instant access to files we used to store on other media. Cloud drives are an improvement over other media for reasons that we will discuss here.

cloud 7 Reasons Why You Should Host your Files on the Clouds

1. Protection

Anyone who has worked with computers knows it is not a question of if your hard drive will fail but when. When you store your data in the clouds, your data is protected and easily restored.

2. Access

In our introductory example, had your project been stored in the clouds, you could have accessed your cloud drive and there it is. No drive home and no irritated boss.

3. Data Sharing

Returning again to our opening example but this time you are not at the office but at home sick. If your files are in the clouds, you could easily share your project.

4. Security

Laptops get stolen and flash drives get lost or damaged. This is just part of the technological life. With your data stored on a cloud drive, it’s secure and easily recoverable.

5. Durability

The thing that makes your laptop, smartphone or mp3 player yours is the data it contains. Unfortunately as long as your data is stored in the same physical location as these things it is vulnerable to the same accidents and misfortunes. When your data is stored in the clouds, it is protected. Should your toys disappear, your data is still secure.

6. Space

While hard drive space is no longer a premium on our laptops, our smart phones are still subject to limitations. Store your files in the clouds to free up space and still have access.

7. Organization

Ever spent an hour looking through your laptop and fifteen flash drives trying to find a file? When your files are in the clouds, it’s all in one space and easily accessed.

As you can see there are many good reasons to get your files in the clouds. There are many places offering cloud services, so get your files into the clouds.

Authors Bio :Marcela De Vivo writes about many aspects of technology.  She enjoys finding applications where technology helps to improve our lifestyle.  Currently she writes for Transparent sharing their widget for helping people Learn Russian.