5 Cool Ways To Boost wireless network strength

5 cool ways to boost wireless network strength

1 Move the wireless router to the appropriate location

Ensure that your access point or wireless router is situated in a centralized area in your home or apartment so that you wireless signal is able to cover a wider area as possible. If you have positioned your wireless router at the end of the apartment near the far walls, the wireless signal is probably covering half-out and half-in of your living area. To deal with this, you can move to a more central area in your apartment, so that the signal covers the entire living room space in all directions from the signal router. This also applies to a two story residence. To make sure that the wireless can cover the upstairs too, put it on a raised shelf in the ground floor. Do not position the wireless router near a metal object or metal wall as metals interfere with the signal by making them weak.

2. Reduce interference

It is quite surprising that common household appliances interfere with the signal generated from the wireless router. The wireless routers operate at the same frequency as cordless phones, baby monitors and microwaves. As a result, this causes signal interference and also weakens the router signal strength. To avoid interference, set up your network away from these home appliances if you can. If not, buy only devices that use frequencies different from the wireless router.

3. Replace your Antenna

This is not as simple as it sounds, but may be one of the things that are setting you back. To extend your WiFi network signal strength, use a high gain antenna. These antennas, rather than spreading the signal equally around, usually increases the wireless signal strength by directing all of it in a single direction. The use of a high gain antenna ensures that the signal points towards the direction you desire.

4. Look for a wireless repeater
for the updates from time to time. Improve your computing experience by adding different updates to your network. There are numerous accessories, wireless print servers and video cameras that can be operated with your network ‘wirelessly’. Depending on the intended purpose of your network, make the right choice of the equipment that will make this happen.

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